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If you already have everything ready to make your exchange in iqy technical college (st clements university), when you arrive don't neglect your health. Eat well and exercise by enjoying the beautiful landscapes you can find in Yangon (City), Myanmar. If you follow the rules learned at home, it's normal for nothing bad to happen to you even if you are away from your parents and the safety and comfort of your home.

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What can make a university in Myanmar fill its classes without difficulty and others have to be every year rushing because they don't have enough students? It's very simple: apart from being public or private, which is obviously going to make a big difference, it's very important that potential students find without difficulty all the information they need about the different higher education centers. If you want to add an institution of Yangon (City) that doesn't appear in Universitiesintheworld yet, do as iqy technical college (st clements university) and publish your information, which will be reviewed and added by us later.

At this very moment you can visit the website of iqy technical college (st clements university) to verify all the steps that you need to take to do your pre-registration and registration. At any time and from any computer that is connected to the network, you can start these procedures. So that you don't miss any important data required, you must have all your personal documents and bank details at hand before starting the procedure.


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Yangon (Province)
Yangon (City)
iqy technical college (st clements university)
no 307b thura 2 street, ward 9, south okkalapa, yangon, myanmar
myanmar (burma)
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16.84278, 96.17774



iqy technical is authorized training centre of singapore institute of engineering technologists to train myanmar engineers to get asean engineering technologists and technician registration. it is affiliated to st clements university/ iqy st clements education group that teach st clements university degree courses in myanmar



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