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buea, cameroon cameroon Buea ,Other Cities in South-West Region ,South-West Region ,Cameroon 
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Universities in Cameroon If your university is registered in Universitiesintheworld, you can review its information and add a personal comment below the registry. There are many people who at this very moment are trying to make an important decision, which is where to start their career. And the opinions of those who know the different Universities in Cameroon count a lot so that finally those who are still undecided opt for a center or another.

Local students or those who will come to live in Cameroon to carry out their university studies seek to continuously collect information of all types on the different higher education institutions. If you want to provide the data of your center (if it still doesn't appear on this website) click on the 'Publish information' tab. The more data you add in this record, the more visibility your university will have in Universitiesintheworld.

We know that this is a time that involves a lot of stress and headaches, because in addition to choosing what to study, you must choose where. And both must be given the importance that corresponds to them. For this reason, you should think very carefully and decide with certainty that your choice really fits your expectations, both during your studies and later when you finish them and it's time to enter the labor market. Studying in Universities in Cameroon is an alternative if you want to live in Cameroon next to its 19294149 inhabitants. Locate the universities of the area in the map that is in the middle of this page and examine them carefully.

Making an exchange in Cameroon is an experience that can change your life forever and that can be very gratifying, both from a personal and professional point of view. And of course it's normal to feel insecure and have many doubts, so the first thing is to inform you of all the details to undertake this adventure in the best way possible. Check out the Universities in Cameroon that offer exchange programs and compare them to choose the option that can offer you most benefits.


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Find privately owned universities in Cameroon. Private universities prioritize the individual needs of their students and make every effort to make their learning integral. Keep in mind that each university sets a percentage of class attendance for the student to approve the course. Usually 80 per cent. Learn about these and other details by contacting the private education centers that we provide in our list
When it comes time to consider which university to study in Cameroon, it's also necessary to think about other issues of importance to be assertive in our decision. In addition to deciding what course we really want to do, deciding on the university center where we want to study is a very important matter. Look at all of them with attention, investigate the advantages and disadvantages and join the university that best suits your needs
Cheap & economic
Do you want to study in one of the best universities in Cameroon? Enter to know the university centers that have stood out in the last years over others and choose one among the best ones, according to the career you're considering doing. This way it is easy to not be wrong
Do you want to come to Cameroon to study your university career? Are you looking for cheap and affordable universities? Keep in mind that if you move to start your studies, there are other expenses that you must include in your budget for your career, such as the cost of accommodation. We recommend opting for shared apartments, which are usually the cheapest way to live while you study
There are several reasons why you should study at a free university in Cameroon. Besides not having to pay for your studies, since the costs are covered 100 percent by the State, discovering a new culture and integrating into their customs and traditions can represent a magical experience, from which you will learn a lot and which you will never forget
Universities academically prepared and efficient, with a high degree of excellence and accredited by agencies belonging to the state. If you really appreciate the quality of your studies, don't forget to look at our list of accredited universities in Cameroon, in order to compare them and choose the best place to study your career

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If you want to spend a season in Cameroon, specifically in the city of Douala, one of the most effective ways is to apply for a study visa to study at any of the universities in Cameroon or surroundings.
If you are interested in studying a semester in Yaoundé, here we show you a list of the universities closest to this city. Enter and find the university you are interested in and find out all the procedures you need to follow.
Studying in Garoua is very easy! Make an academic year in the different universities and immerse yourself in the student atmosphere of this university city. We put at your disposal all the universities of Garoua or surroundings.
Finding a university in Kousséri is not an easy task, we through years of compilation, have put at your disposal all the universities that are closer to Kousséri.
Studying in Bamenda is a great opportunity for you. Enter and discover the best universities in both Bamenda and surrounding areas. Don't miss the opportunity to know a wonderful city and spend an unforgettable stay.
Do you want to study in Maroua? Cameroon is the dream of thousands of students who do their best every year to study there, although for many it's difficult to fulfill their dream, it's not impossible, enter and search the university that interests you and get informed.

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buea, cameroon cameroon Buea ,Other Cities in South-West Region ,South-West Region ,Cameroon 
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soa, cameroon cameroon Okoa ,Other Cities in Centre Region ,Centre Region ,Cameroon 
 phone available. 
premier niveau du centre de développement des tic, université de ngaoundéré, ngaoundéré - cameroun, dang, 454, cameroon 454 Ngaoundéré ,Adamaoua Province ,Adamaoua Province ,Cameroon 
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bangangte, cameroon cameroon Bangangté ,Other Cities in West Province ,West Province ,Cameroon 
 Website available.
carrefour ange raphael, douala, cameroon cameroon Douala ,Other Cities in Littoral Province ,Littoral Province ,Cameroon 
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 Website available.
dschang, cameroon cameroon Dschang ,Other Cities in West Province ,West Province ,Cameroon 
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 Website available.
joseph tchooungui akoa, yaounde, cameroon cameroon Yaoundé ,Other Cities in Centre Region ,Centre Region ,Cameroon 
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 Website available.
maroua, cameroon cameroon Maroua ,Far North Region ,Far North Region ,Cameroon 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
molyko to buea town rd, buea, cameroon cameroon Buea ,Other Cities in South-West Region ,South-West Region ,Cameroon 
 Website available.
bamenda, cameroon cameroon Bamenda ,Other Cities in North-West Region ,North-West Region ,Cameroon